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 Artwork by Maria

Poetry by Nanette


I wake up each morning

From dreaming those little dreams

Then I stepped out into the world
I felt the light deeply in my soul

Fighting to get out

Fight no more, no more
I rest my weary eyes against my cheeks

Waiting for a sign to come up through the peak

So tired of searching, searching for my soul
Free at last, free at last

Freed no more
I need something extra, I need something more

Tired of groping at the world

No more, no more
Don’t look back, don’t look forward

Just wait and see tumbling angry in my soul

That makes me feel the world no one knows

Lost in this destiny in which no one knows

Holding back, holding back the words you’ll never hear
Not sure if I can go on this way

Not sure if I want to die this way
Holding back the tears I cry

Holding them back until I die
And so I wait for the silence to be broken

If there is a silence to break
As my heart drops seven inches each day

I am forever lost in my empty space
I live each day in fear

I live each day fighting

So no one can take my soul away
I don’t go on each day with my eyes closed anymore

I don’t go on each day with my body numb anymore
I feel the pain in the hole in my heart

I hear the cries in my soul
You will heal, you will heal

But I will never heal my soul
I died too many times

I cried enough tears
I will go on for today

I will go on for tomorrow

For I know I have go to find my own way.

~  Nanette Griffin


 Look beyond

Look beyond the sun and the moon

Look beyond the stars and the planet

Look beyond the heavens and the earth

Look beyond the objects in life and

There you will find your dream.

~  Nanette Griffin



It is the key to

Everyone’s heart
It is the body of

Everyone’s dreams
It is the smell of

Everyone’s desires
It is the voice of

The people


~  Nanette Griffin


I Have Seen

I have seen the lighted days

I have seen the darkened nights
I have seen the flowers bloom

I have seen the sight of the moon
I have seen my people freed

I have seen what they believe
I have seen all of these things

And now I want to see love throughout

A world that don’t know me.

~  Nanette Griffin

Day by Day

Day by day

I climb the wall
Day by day

I will give it my all
Day by day

I will stand tall
Day by day

I will never stall

~  Nanette Griffin