Assistive Technology Lending Library

Too often the decision to purchase a computer, software, or special technology is made with little or no experience with the particular product. The UCP Huntsville Training Center houses an assistive technology lending library (long and short term) in order to support this difficult and often very expensive decision making process.

Individuals can borrow switches, switch mounts, augmentative communication devices, software, adapted toys, and a variety of other adaptive equipment. AT specialists are also available to demonstrate AT items onsite and during trainings, conferences, agency fairs, and community events.

Visit to view the complete Alabama At4all inventory online. There is no cost to participate.

The Lending Library would not be possible without support from STAR, the Carlene Hall family, and a host of community supporters.


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Participating Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Programs

Alabama At4all is proud to be working with a number of programs that are now listing equipment on this website. This equipment may be available for loan, demonstration, or giveaway. Each program has its own criteria for lending and eligibility. Please contact the specified person or program for further information.

List of statewide DME programs


Alternative Financing Links

First Hand Foundation

Scholarships & Grants for Students with Disabilities

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AT & Preauthorization Requirements (as of 1/25/17)


Carlene Hall’s legacy

The Paint the Streets 5k & Carlene Hall Memorial Mile was established in 2010 by the family of Carlene Hall to honor her memory and to benefit spinal cord injury services at UCP. The five-year annual event raised more than $40,000 used to purchase a variety of switches, environmental controls, and assistive technologies to benefit individuals with spinal cord injuries and others through demonstration and loan, as well as to provide scholarships for individuals with spinal cord injuries to receive AT/AAC evaluations