UCP offers the HEARTS program in conjunction with Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama. HEARTS is designed to provide respite care for families of children up to age 19 with special needs.

Respite is a short break from caring for a person with a disability or chronic illness so that the caregiver may take a little time for themselves, spend time with other children or a spouse, or tend to one’s own medical and personal needs.

HEARTS also provides individualized training for caregivers. Basic first aid and CPR training for parents and caregivers is offered through the HEARTS program. To schedule this training, please contact Stephanie Wright at ucphearts@bellsouth.net.

UCP receives funding from Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) to provide this valuable service. Please visit http://www.ctf.state.al.us/ to find out more about CTF and ways that you can help secure funding.

To learn more about HEARTS and to receive enrollment information, please contact UCP at 256-852-5600, Ext. 102, or email ucphearts@bellsouth.net.

HEARTS Enrollment Forms 2016-17


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